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Our Story

Our farm is located on the south end of Okanagan Falls - the heart of wine country. We have been farming on our 2.9 acre property since 2015. When we first purchased this property, it was completely covered with hay. We barely had any farming experience or equipment. All we have is passion for farming and limited knowledge from text books. Now we are into the 8th year of farming on the land. We are so proud to see our property turning into a real farm gradually.


We have about 1 acre producing ground crops such as vegetables, flowers and strawberries. We have built 2 greenhouses to produce bedding plants for home gardeners in the spring. We get fresh farm eggs from our happy hens every day. We are specially excited that our small orchard with about 130 different fruit trees and 100 berry bushes also just starts producing fruits. You can find us at OK Falls Market every Wednesday and Penticton Farmers Market every Saturday. U pick is available by appointment.

We have always enjoyed producing fresh produces in a organic way for our local customers. We are also very grateful for all the support and inspiration we get from our community.   



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